My teaching philosophy is based upon kindness. I am a supportive teacher, careful to create a safe and caring environment in my lessons. A positive emotional setting is vital to the learning process, allowing the brain to be open to new information. At the same time, I am rigorous. I am picky and hold each student to a high standard, caring about every individual's progress. However, rapping students on the knuckles with a ruler for missing a note is contrary to my methods.

Through my own years of lessons, I have found that the best teachers are the ones who show their students how to practice, rather than telling them how to play. Most of one's journey with their instrument will be spent alone in a practice room, and knowing how to make good use of that time while being able to self diagnose and correct problems is an essential skill.

In piano playing, a good technique is everything. Technique is simply producing a sound in the most efficient manner possible, eliminating all unnecessary tension and effort. It is the essential framework that yields expressive freedom. Without a solid technical grounding, the student's potential will be limited and playing piano is likely to become a frustrating and unfulfilling task. I spend about half of each lesson working on technique.

I love working with beginners because everyone holds so much potential, and it is exciting to see a new skill develop. Working with intermediate students is rewarding, as I show them the steps to take their playing to the next level. Teaching advanced students is exciting, as we can begin to delve into the very deep principles of pianism.

I look forward to working with you and exploring the vast repertoire of music available to the piano!