I will provide monthly invoices that give a record of lessons received and payments made.



  1. Amount
    Enter the price of your lessons.
    e.g.  $80
  2. Frequency
    Would you like to submit a one-time payment or set up an automatically recurring payment plan?
  3. Recurring Period 
    How often would you like your payment to automatically recur? Be sure that the Amount  field properly correlates with the Recurring Period.
    e.g. You want your card to be charged every week for a 60 minute lesson: Amount will be $60, recurring weekly.
    You would like to be charged once a month for 4 lessons of 60 minutes:  Amount is $240, recurring monthly.
  4. Recurring Day 
    Would you like your payment to be processed immediately, or beginning on a certain date?
    e.g. You would like your card to be charged on the first day of each month.
  5. Duration 
    How long would you like the payment plan to recur automatically?
    IMPORTANT: I suggest adding a limit to your plan, such as six recurring weeks or four recurring months. This will allow you to keep up on payments while allowing us to adjust for make up lessons and holidays.

    Confused? Send me a message or give me a call!