What are the benefits of learning music?
The study of music offers untold benefits to one's life. Beyond the great satisfaction that come from producing beautiful sounds, the list of advantages runs long. Music is the only subject that utilizes the entire brain! It develops attention span while strengthening focus and concentration. Music develops memory, fine motor control, discipline, organizational skills, goal setting, and task completion while simultaneously encouraging abstract thought, creativity, intuition, and innovation. What other task can develop more skills at the same time?

Where do you teach your lessons? 
I prefer to teach in the student's home. I do have a studio in my home, however I currently can only offer lessons on an electronic keyboard. While the keyboard is top of the line, it is still not the same as an acoustic instrument.

What ages of students do you take? 
In general, it is thought that age 5 is the best time to begin piano studies. I roughly hold to this, but it is open to some flexibility, due to the maturity of the student and the level of parental involvement that will be present. There is no upper limit to this age bracket. I take all ages and abilities!

What is your lesson cancellation and make-up policy?
I will be as flexible as possible with my scheduling, however a consistent lesson time is important. I understand that life is hectic. If you need to re-schedule a lesson, contact me at minimum the day before. Same-day cancellations will still be charged.  

  Do you have a referral program? 
Yes! If you refer a student to me who begins to take regular lessons, you will receive two free lessons!